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In today’s challenging world, staying above the competition is not easy. Not only organizations need to focus on their core functions such as manufacturing, marketing,sales, finance etc in a more streamlined way but also on an Integrated Governance for the company. Compliance challenges are increasing and with IT becoming the core repository of all information, the need to have an organized way to manage the Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) is increasing. This calls for integrating and aligning the corporate and invariably siloed functions of Compliance , Risk, Internal Audit, Business Continuity etc.

Times are evolving as business pass thru the phases of upturn and downturn. Time value for money always exists and so optimizing time is equivalent to optimizing money which effects the bottom-line of every organization. Managing your EGRC will not only save your organization many man-days of full time employees(FTE) cost but also make you ready for timely information required for efficient management and governing your organization. .

Our Approach

Be it managing the financial crisis, the cyber security crises or your day to day operational risk management, we can provide you solutions that can take care of most of your requirements and can align them to your Enterprise Architecture. Our solutions can give you a competitive edge to stay up the ladder.

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The concept behind EGRC is of converging all of your information into a single repository, enabling ease of access and allowing a holistic view of the risks in your organisation. Integrating the separate audit, risk management departments with the compliance department to better govern an organization will help to view information from several different departments to get a more horizontal view of the risk profile of your organisation and then report to the C- suite in an more objective manner.


The siloed nature of many organizations has created separate banks of information that often have different taxonomies and categories, making any joined-up analysis extremely difficult, if not impossible. Having a platform that all of those different IT and information systems can plug into and be accessed in the same format would be an invaluable resource for any organization. However, this implies that the technology would solve the problem. The reality is that, alongside implementing integrated systems, there is a long-term change management project that needs to happen to ensure all departments are communicating and inputting data in the same format that can be accessed by all system users. For many departments this will require a change in the way information is handled and even in the language that is used.

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Implementation Strategy

We can help you with an integrated GRC approach that can make your organization achieve several improved benefits like:

    • Alignment with your Enterprise Architecture
    • Governance model using COBIT or any other framework
    • Alignment with business
    • Better risk management
    • Comprehensive measurement of KPI’s
    • Enhanced criteria for corporate goals
    • Coordinated internal audits and corporate performance
    • Reliable compliance management
    • Improved data governance
    • Resilience and business continuity
    • Application portfolio management
    • IT assurance
    • Achieve process excellence

Why ECOM ?

ECOM provides end to end process for Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance Engagements. With data moving into to the Cloud and increased use of BIG DATA, IOT Security and Privacy Compliance concerns are on the rise. ECOM can implement integrated GRC and Enterprise Architecture Tools. With more stringent regulations and enforcement, compliance issues are more in focus for organizations.

Some of the advantages of working with ECOM are:

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Our 12 plus years of IT Governance, Compliance and Security consulting experience helps us to have an edge over our competitors, and to help you achieve your goal in a more efficient way. Be it Cloud Security or Privacy, COSO, ISO 27001 , COBIT , SOX, HIPAA or PCI DSS Compliance, or any other specific compliance needs, we can help you achieve an effective compliance management program that caters to the specific need and alignment to your organizations’ overall Corporate Governance.

To discuss your specific challenges please contact us

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